High Line Smile Design Orthodontics

High Line Smile Design Orthodontics

Virtual Smile and Bite Assessment
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering Complimentary Virtual Smile and Bite Assessments through September 2020! This is 20 minutes set aside for you to meet with Dr. Pompei via video chat to discuss your orthodontic needs and potential treatment options. An in-person exam and x-rays will be necessary before starting treatment, but valuable information can be obtained from the virtual exam.

For a comprehensive 60 minute in-person evaluation, please call 212-484-0711.

To have a Virtual Assessment done online, please follow the procedures below:
1. Schedule one of the time slots below, this will be the time set aside for either a phone call or video chat with Dr. Pompei to discuss your orthodontic needs.

2. It is very important to ALSO submit photos of your teeth and bite by clicking on the "Virtual Smile and Bite Assessment" button on the lower right of the High Line Smile Design website. On a mobile phone, this button is a camera icon. Virtual Assessments scheduled here will not be done until photos have been submitted, as the photos are needed to have a meaningful discussion about potential orthodontic treatment needs.

3. Once the photos are submitted, an email or text message will be sent to you with instructions for logging into the teledentistry conference call.

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